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anon. [March 6th 2007|11.16pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

So, yeah, I'll admit. This is in part because Ali did it, but it's also in part because of something someone else was saying.

I want to know what you're thinking right now. About...me, about you, about us, about PhoenixProphecy, about DarkMark, about....hell, I'll take your thoughts on global warming if you're worrying about it. I'm just...feeling really uncomfortable and uneasy at the moment and really want to know what everyone's thinking. ((this would be SO much easier if I could actually read minds

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So, yeah, I'll admit. This is in part because Ali did it, but it's also in part because of something someone else was saying.

I want to know what you're thinking right now. About...me, about you, about us, about PhoenixProphecy, about DarkMark, about....hell, I'll take your thoughts on global warming if you're worrying about it. I'm just...feeling really uncomfortable and uneasy at the moment and really want to know what everyone's thinking. ((this would be SO much easier if I could actually read minds <_< )) I <i>love </i>you guys and I'm willing to listen/talk to you about absolutely anything under the sun, just...talk to me. I suck at making conversation, and I suck at knowing how to say stuff, but...I'm here, all right? and I care.

...and this was kind of written in a fit of insecurity, so you don't have to bug me beyond the next ten minutes. Cause after that I'll be over it and fine =P

So...IP logging is off, the post is for everyone to see. ...even if IP logging isn't off I don't know how to check it, so...no need to worry about that.

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Welcome, loves! [February 19th 2007|11.33pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

'nuffsed. ♥

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I Wish... [January 2nd 2007|6.56pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Everyone make a wish - new year, new chance, new wishes.

Hope, dream and live.  2007 will be great, just wait and see.

((the entry's public, so you can comment anonymously, and since I have no idea what IP logging is, you don't have to worry about it.  =)  ))

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[January 1st 2007|12.59am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Always remember for 2007 -
life is short,
break the rules,
forgive quickly,
kiss slowly,
love truly,
laugh uncontrollably,
and never regret anything that made you smile.

I hope you all have happy, healthy and fantastically fun 2007s.  

Happy New Year.

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Let's do it! Let's go get the shit kicked out of us by love! [December 21st 2006|4.15pm]
[ mood | loved ]

I adore the movie Love Actually.  Probably my favorite movie ofalltime, second only to Life is Beautiful.  Butreally, now it's Christmas, so time for Love, not the Holocaust.  So I watched it the other night and I just don't think it'll ever get old.


don't you wish love alone could save the world from disaster?

If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around.

It doesn't have to be romantic love, or familial love, - it doesn't have to be anything.  It just has to be there.  Brothers, sisters, fathers, daughters, boyfriends, husbands, wives, old friends, new friends (yay new friends!) - whatever.  Love as often as you can, as much as you can...blessings aren't linear, and it may not seem like stuff's that great, but it'll turn around.

and don't pay it back...pay it forward.  Make someone smile today.  Say something nice, without provocation or reason.



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Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them [November 16th 2006|11.23pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I want to post something...say something...but I dunno what to say, man.  LAME.

ooomg, we had a grad student come into our Abnormal Psych class today to lecture about psychopathy, sociopathy and Antisocial Personality disorder ((did you know they were 3 different things?  I didn't.))  It was pretty nifty.  Really good slideshow presentation prepared, minus the fact that it was black type on a dark red (or sometimes blue) background.  C'mon, dude..you're a master's student.  You're smarter than that!  Lucky for us he gave out a packet that contained all the slides with lines for notes and stuff, so yeah.

OH, and I'm redecorating the shoebox sometime soon, whenever I find the time.  It's too...sophomore-emo!Bela for me now, and although I still love the lyrics and pictures and stuff it's just...not me anymore.  =)  fun stuff.

AND I'm thinking about NOT doing a senior project, but instead opting to take 4 extra psych electives - that'd be SWEET.  I could do an independent study and just write a 50 page paper on something having to do with school psychology...ahhh, you know who I should talk to?  I should talk to Cris....*messages*  hahaha, yeah.  Plan and all.

DUDE!  you guys!  Mike made me icons!!!  Those pix he had up of himself with the sparklers, he made me icons of just the sparklers part and they're SO. COOL.  seriously.

...all right, I can't help it.  =P  I wanted to update with a song/poem, but that doesn't generate discussion.  But it should.

One Train May Hide Another
Kenneth Koch

(sign at a railroad crossing in Kenya)

In a poem, one line may hide another line,
At a crossing, one train may hide another train.
That is, if you are waiting to cross
The tracks, wait to do it for one moment at
Least after the first train is gone.  And so when you read
Wait until you have read the next line --
Then it is safe to go on reading.
In a family one sister may conceal another,
So, when you are courting, it's best to have them all in view
Otherwise in coming to find one you may love another.
One father or one brother may hide the man,
If you are a woman, whom you have been waiting to love.
So always standing in front of something the other
As words stand in front of objects, feelings, and ideas.
One wish may hide another.  And one person's reputation may hide
The reputation of another.  One dog may conceal another
On a lawn, so if you escape the first one you're not necessarily safe;
One lilac may hide another and then a lot of lilacs and on the Appia Antica one tomb
May hide a number of other tombs.  In love, one reproach may hide another,
One small complaint may hide a great one.
One injustice may hide another -- one colonial may hide another,
One blaring red uniform may hide another, and another, a whole column.  One bath may hide another bath
As when, after bathing, one walks out into the rain.
One idea may hide another: Life is simple
Hide Life is incredibly complex, as in the prose of Gertrude Stein
One sentence hides another and is another as well.  And in the laboratory
One invention may hide another invention,
One evening may hide another, one shadow, a nest of shadows.
One dark red, or one blue, or one purple -- this is a painting
By someone after Matisse.  One waits at the tracks until they pass,
These hidden doubles or, sometimes, likenesses.  One identical twin
May hide the other.  And there may be even more in there!  The obstetrician
Gazes at the Valley of the Var.  We used to live there, my wife and I, but
One life hid another life.  And now she is gone and I am here.
A vivacious mother hides a gawky daughter.  The daughter hides
Her own vivacious daughter in turn.  They are in
A railway station and the daughter is holding a bad
Bigger than her mother's bag and successfully hides it.
In offering to pick up the daughter's bag one finds oneself confronted by the mother's
And has to carry that one, too.  So one hitchiker
May deliberately hide another and one cup of coffee
Another, too, until one is over-excited.  One love may hide another love or the same love
As when "I love you" suddenly rings false and one discovers
The better love lingering behind, as when "I'm full of doubts"
Hides "I'm certain about something and it is that"
And one dream may hide another as is well known, always, too.  In the Garden of Eden
Adam and Eve maybe hide the real Adam and Eve.
Jerusalem may hide another Jerusalem.
When you come to something, stop to let it pass
So you can see what else is there.  At home, no matter where,
Internal tracks pose dangers, too: one memory
Certainly hides another, that being what memory is all about,
The eternal reverse succession of contemplated entities.  Reading A Sentimental Journey look around
When you have finished, for Tristram Shandy, to see
If it is standing there, it should be, stronger
And more profound and theretofore hidden as Santa Maria Maggiore
May be hidden by similar churches inside Rome.  One sidewalk
May hide another, as when you're asleep there, and
One song hide another song; a pounding upstairs
Hide the beating of drums.  One friend may hide another, you sit at the foot of a tree
With one and when you get up to leave there is another
Whom you'd have preferred to talk to all along.  One teacher,
One doctor, one ecstasy, one illness, one woman, one man
May hide another.  Pause to let the first one pass.
You think, Now it is safe to cross and you are hit by the next one.  It can be important
To have waited at least a moment to see what was already there.

frankly, I really liked it because of the end.  It all seems so redundant - like he's bringing in every example possible to make sure every. single. person. understands what he's talking about, but then at the end...it's not about hiding.  It's not about finding - it's not even about seeing something new!  It's about seeing "what was *already there*"  and I really loved that.

DON'T FORGET TO SUGGEST MOVIES AND BOOKS!  I need to stop being uncultured, people!  and I need your help  =P
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True or False? [November 14th 2006|5.22pm]
[ mood | curious ]

(Do you think)

Would it be scary to be in my head?  And if so, why?

Mike made an offhand comment that it would be, but it got me thinkin (I think that's why he said it, actually, lmao, everything gets me thinking) - I don't think it'd be all that scary to be in any of your heads.  Not that I proport to understand any of you, or think I would if I were to ever have that sort of access, but I don't think it'd be scary.  - Yes, even Mike.

So, granted, I asked this question about being in MY head, cause it could vary from person to person - you'd be okay looking in, say, Jennie's head, but Mike's just frightening (for example  =P ).  butyaknow...concept-wise and all.  Whaddya think?

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[October 1st 2006|9.37pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

And for the rest of you who didn't reply to the meme but wanted to, or who didn't see it, or who didn't care to hear what I had to say, these are the things that make me think of you.  Something distinctly you in my mind...something that tells you a little piece of what's going on in my head about you.  <3  I hope you appreciate it.  I love you all dearly,

And to anyone and everyone reading this:
"If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together, there is something that you must always remember.  You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.  But the most important thing is, even if we're apart...I'll always be with you." -Winnie the Pooh

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This one goes out to the one I love [September 23rd 2006|10.48pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

"Friends are helpful not only because they will listen to us, but because they will laugh at us; Through them we learn a little objectivity, a little honesty, a little courtesy; We learn the rules of life and become better players at the game."
-Will Durant

Strength is happiness. Sthrength is, itself, victory.  In weakness and cowardice there is no happiness.  When you wage a struggle, you might win or you might lose, but regardless of the short-term outcome, the very fact of your continuing to struggle is proof of your victory as a human being.
-Daisaku Ikeda
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No honor among thieves... [August 22nd 2006|3.42pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Stoled from Michelle who Stoled from Mikey....

1. Post a list of 15 books/movies/TV shows that you've had a massive love of at some time in your life.
2. Have your friends guess your favorite character from each one.
3. You can cross out the show/movie/book and put the character when someone guesses.

1.  The Outsiders

2.  Harry Potter - HBP (Ginny)

3.  Wicked (the book)

4.  Circle of Friends (the book)

5.  Garden State

6.  Life Is Beautiful

7.  LOST

8.  Shawshank Redemption (Red)

9.  Love, Actually (Sam, the little kid who learns to play drums)

10. Muppet's Christmas Carol

11. Monsters Inc. (Mike)

12.  Boondock Saints

13. Gilmore Girls (Lorelai)

14. Psych (Gus!) 

15. Unbreakable

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aiiiii, yes, again! [August 9th 2006|11.53pm]
so I'm posting it again cause everyone else is *hides* and three replies last time...or...maybe it was three anonymous and one from Maya ( :P ILOVEYOU! ) but I DO know more than three people, that's what I know :P and I really am curious as to what you guys think.

SO, without further ado...

If I were to die tomorrow, what is one thing you'd regret not telling me? It can be of a time I pissed the hell out of you, a time I made you laugh, how much I mean to you... Reply anonymously.
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hehe, I even copied the *copypastes* part... [June 18th 2006|11.56pm]
[ mood | curious ]

*copypastes* :P

If I were to die tomorrow, what is one thing you'd regret not telling me? It can be of a time I pissed the hell out of you, a time I made you laugh, how much I mean to you... Reply anonymously. Afterwards, paste this meme into your journal and I will reply to yours.

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[June 13th 2006|11.53pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Yes, another one.  Deal with it!

For those of you uncultured in 90's American teen sitcoms, Boy Meets World featured a character named Shawn, played by Rider Strong (pictured manyatimes above)  *drools*  I <3 him to itsy bitsy pieces...
hehe, the first guy I ever loved...

And no, lol, I'm not editing my current friends list, so you're all stayin, haha, no worries!  I love you guys.

PROPS, love, cookies, ice cream and anything else you can spare for my sake all goes to NAT for making me this drool-worthy FO Banner ((the first one, as you know, was stolen from Sara))


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[June 13th 2006|6.10pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Comment to be added!!

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whoa, hey! [May 4th 2006|8.25pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

wow, this is insane!

i never thought i'd actually get one of these ((to be perfectly honest, I never thought I'd have enough friends to warrant one of these)) But you guys are awesome, and BETH'S HOME!!! Beth's my older sis who lives in Guatemala - she came home for my cousin's wedding, and so we're doing her birthday, too. Its fantastic - i'm so excited. :)

so cheneeway, I totally need your guys' help with this, I have NO IDEA how to use it, lol. So...i dunno. Help me!! hehe, i have it now...but i don't know what to do with it or how to make it pretty.

aahhh, funness. However now, i must go eat cake.


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